Pingshan T&W Held the Activity of Julongshan Weima "Running for Love"

On April 23, the company launched the Julongshan Weima "Running for Love" activity in Julongshan Park, Pingshan, which was jointly organized by T&W Love Public Welfare Foundation, Party Committee and Pingshan Administration Department, and attended by more than 40 employees of the company.
There were two projects in this activity. If a contestant completed the 5 km public welfare running challenge, the Foundation would donate RMB 50 assistance money to the "Children of Stars" in the name of the contestants. If a contestant completed 10 km challenge, the Foundation would donate RMB 100 assistance money to the children in the name of individuals. After warm-up, employees ran around Julongshan, and finally more than 40 employees finished the competition. Employees not only got exercise in the activities, but also helped the "Children of Stars". In the later period, when the epidemic situation is controlled, the Julongshan Weima activity will be carried out quarterly.
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