Tang Boming of Our Company Accepted an Interview of "Entering RECP Member States Series"

On the afternoon of April 1, China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (hereinafter referred to as China Export & Credit Insurance) entered our company for the activity of "Entering RECP (ASEAN-China Economic Cooperation Belt) Member States", and Tang Boming, Asia-Pacific Operations Director of Smart Communication Division, was interviewed on behalf of the company.
Tang Boming warmly received the interview from China Export & Credit Insurance. First, he introduced in detail the background and significance of our factory in Vietnam, as well as the applicable preferential policies for building the factory in Vietnam, including the credit status of Vietnamese customers.
In terms of production, Tang Boming said that T&W officially started the Vietnam investment project in 2019, and had deployed 10 production lines by 2021. Up to now, the scale and certification system have fully met the order requirements of European and American customers.
In terms of preferential tax policies, Tang Boming pointed out the advantages and disadvantages of Chinese manufacturing investment in Vietnam at present. The advantage lies in the relatively inclusive import and export customs management system, while the disadvantage lies in the imperfect local material supply chain in Vietnam at present.
Tang Boming said that T&W has established a complete credit management system with the assistance of China Export & Credit Insurance; at present, Vietnamese enterprises with good qualifications and credit insurance are selected, so the overall credit risk is better. Of course, every market has risks, and we also call on everyone to actively use credit insurance tools to escort the development of enterprises, and it is better to cooperate with overseas enterprises underwritten by China Export & Credit Insurance.
Tang Boming thanked China Export & Credit Insurance for its escort of sea investment insurance in the past three years, which ensured the investment, establishment and steady operation of T&W in Vietnam. At the same time, he put forward some suggestions, hoping that under some force majeure factors, such as current epidemic situation, enterprises can get better risk escort from China Export & Credit Insurance. The person in charge of China Export & Credit Insurance said that they would strive to achieve all-round improvement of China Export & Credit Insurance from products to services, and wished T&W better and better.
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