T&W (East China) 2021 T&W Stars and Old Employees Service Award Commendation Ceremony Was Grandly Held

On June 30, the commendation ceremony of the 2021 T&W Stars and Old Employees Service Award of T&W (East China) was grandly held in Taicang C1 Convention Center, in which Shanghai Branch attended. Company leaders Wang Dawei and Tang Funan, General Manager Hu Zumin, Deputy General Managers Wang Lan, Wei Yiming and Long Xiaojing, Secretary of the Board of Directors He Yimeng and other leaders and guests attended the ceremony.

At the meeting, Hu Zumin, General Manager of the Company, first expressed his gratitude to the award-winning stars and old employees. In 2021, the Company achieved sales of RMB 10 billion for the first time, which was the result of the joint efforts of all employees represented by stars. All employees should learn from stars. Subsequently, Hu Zumin reported on the Company's work in the first half of the year. Netcom branch was merged smoothly and its efficiency was improved significantly. Wenyuan branch adjusted its management structure and developed steadily. Base station, microelectronics and Vietnam branches were actively overcoming the impact of the epidemic and striving for the completion of business objectives. Intelligent manufacturing plan, automotive electronics business and supply chain reform were all carried out step by step in the plan, the Basic Law was officially released, and various management reforms had been achieved as expected. Hu Zumin mentioned that under the current difficult environment, we should adhere to the three main lines of long-term development, devote ourselves to enhancing employees' sense of gain and happiness, and actively fight to achieve a virtuous circle of company development and employee income increase, and jointly promote the Company onto the track of rapid development. As the first half of the year was about to pass, Hu Zumin hoped that all employees would redouble their efforts to make up for the lost time in the first half of the year and overfulfil the updated tasks.

Because of the epidemic situation, the commendation ceremony came late, but it was also just in time. At the meeting, all the participants reviewed the memorabilia of T&W in 2021. In the commendation ceremony, the Company presented a grand award ceremony to 31 T&W stars and 45 old employees who had been employed for ten years in East China.
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