T&W South China District Held a Large-scale Team Development Activity for Employees

On July 10, T&W South China held a large-scale team development activity for employees in Yinxian Resort, Dongguan, with more than 700 people from 30 teams participating in the activity.

The activity aimed to cultivate employees' craftsmanship and break through innovation in the face of difficulties. This activity was aimed at employees who had been employed for 3 months to 1 year. The temperature at the activity site was as high as 35℃, and the participating teams were faced with the challenges of high temperature, physical strength, endurance and intelligence. However, the young front-line T&W workers fought tenaciously and successively completed the projects such as "Directional Expansion", "Hand in Hand", "Breakthrough with Wisdom and Courage" and "Graduation Wall". In the end, the 27th team from the Engineering Department won the championship with a total of 92 points, while the 25th team from the Storage & Transportation Department and the 2nd team from the Manufacturing Department won the second and third place respectively.

Shen Kai, General Manager of the Human Resources Administration Center, pointed out in the summary that the Company welcomed everyone to join in, we wanted everyone to feel different corporate culture, we hoped everyone would fall in love with T&W together through activities, and we hoped everyone can understand from activities that only wholehearted investment could become better and pay would be fruitful. Shen Kai emphasized that when facing difficulties in the future, everyone should play team spirit and trust their teammates like today's activities, and the Company was also your strong support.
@ 2012 Gongjin Electronics