The R&D Platform of Intelligent Communication Division Actively Participates in the Formulation of CCSA Industry Standards

Recently, the R&D platform is actively promoting the standardization work of China Communications Standards Association, which has achieved initial results, and actively contributed to expanding the Company's industry influence.

Since July 1, 2020, under the leadership of Senior Director Zhu Yuhao, the R&D Center has promoted the Company to join China Communications Standards Association (CCSA), Alliance of Industrial Internet and other standardization organizations in the recent years. As the drafting unit, the Company participated in the formulation of CCSA's General Technical Requirements for 5G Mobile Communication Network User Residence Equipment (CPE) and General Test Method for 5G Mobile Communication Network User Residence Equipment (CPE). The former is in the draft submission stage, while the latter has passed the draft for comments and will enter the draft submission stage. These two industry standards are expected to be promulgated and implemented by the end of 2023.

The Company "walks outward" to participate in the drafting and formulation of national standards and industry standards, actively learns from first-class enterprises, and strives to become first-class. This project has enhanced the Company's position in the industry, demonstrated the capability of our 5G CPE products and its leading position in the industry, promoted the exchanges and cooperation between "government, schools and enterprises", and helped the Company would get more government support.
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