The 14th Orange Newcomer Training Camp of T&W Started Smoothly

In order to help orange newcomers integrate into the Company as soon as possible, change their roles, carry out professional shaping, change from campus people to workplace people, better understand intellectual creation, link future work, and promote job competence and innovation, from July 23 to August 4, T&W Training College held the 14th Orange Newcomer Training Camp of T&W in Taicang T&W, with 104 orange newcomers from various subsidiaries, business platforms and management centers participating in the training.
On July 25, the 14th Orange Newcomer Training Camp was successfully opened in T&W, Taicang, Long Xiaojing, Deputy General Manager of the Company and Vice President of T&W Training College, Yi Wanchun, Deputy General Manager of Smart Communication Division, Yang Jinke, Director of Taicang Factory of Smart Communication Division, Zeng Tao, Director of Second R&D Center of Smart Communication Division, Wang Liangjie, President of Orange Alliance Council and Executive Director of Taicang T&W, Li Jie, Assistant Dean of T&W Training College, and other leaders attended the opening ceremony.
@ 2012 Gongjin Electronics