The Company Has Won the Title of "Top 100 Enterprises with Electronic Information Competitiveness" for Nine Consecutive Years

At the 2022 World Digital Economy Conference held on September 2, the list of China's Top 100 Enterprises with Electronic Information Competitiveness in 2022 was released authoritatively, and the Company once again won the list, ranking 79th, 8 places ahead of the previous year. This is the ninth consecutive year that the Company has won this title.

Guided by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the selection of China's top 100 enterprises with electronic information competitiveness is based on comprehensive indicators such as main income, market share, R&D and innovation capability, brand influence and corporate social responsibility, which has high authority and influence in the field of electronic information. Being awarded the title for nine consecutive years is a high affirmation of the comprehensive strength of the Company by the government, and shows the strength of the Company in terms of scale, efficiency, R&D and innovation, as well as its representativeness and advancement in the electronic information industry.
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