Vietnamese Factory Relocation Successfully Was Completed

On September 17, the Vietnamese factory was successfully relocated to the new workshop, and the relocation work in Vietnam was successfully completed in 2022.

At present, the capital construction of T&W Factory in Vietnam has been completed, and all new projects affected by the rainy season in Vietnam are in the process of finishing. The relocation of the line body was completed, SMT completed 5 Panasonic double tracks, 1 XPF and 2 NXT small lines, DIP completed 4 plug-in lines, and the last line was successfully put into production on the morning of 17th, with a monthly production capacity of about 757K calculated according to the point efficiency of 45%. 17 test packages were successfully erected, including 2 bilateral ones. The whole team in Vietnam realized the safe relocation of personnel and materials, and successfully achieved the goals of "zero" major accidents in relocation, "zero" batch problems in shipment and "zero" loss of equipment.
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