T&W Stock Officially Released the First Commercial 10 Gigabit BE19000 Wi-Fi7 Router

On October 18, T&W Stock officially released the first commercial 10 Gigabit BE19000 Wi-Fi7 router at the Broadband World Forum held in the Netherlands.

Recently, the company has made breakthrough progress in the R&D of Wi-Fi7 products. The BE19000 Wi-Fi7 router released this time was developed by the R&D team of T&W Stock. This product adopts Broadcom's first commercial Wi-Fi 7 series chips BCM6726 and BCM67263, equipped with two 10 Gigabit network ports and three 2.5G network ports. Compared with Wi-Fi6 products, the speed of the seventh-generation Wi-Fi wireless network can reach 30Gbits per second, which is three times the highest rate of 9.6Gbps for Wi-Fi7. BE19000 Wi-Fi7 router supports 2.4G, 5G and 6G frequency bands at the same time, so as to obtain larger communication bandwidth to increase its own rate, and expand the single channel bandwidth from 160MHz to 320MHz of Wi-Fi7. In addition, Wi-Fi7 also optimizes multi-AP support, which can synchronously support signal input of multiple AP nodes and improve wireless network coverage.

As an important partner in Broadcom WiFi project, the Company successfully released the first commercial 10 Gigabit WiFi7 router, laying a solid foundation for subsequent mass production. It is expected that the Company's Wi-Fi7 router will be put into mass production in the first quarter of next year, which is expected to drive the continuous growth of the Company's network communication business.
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