The First Stop of the Vietnamese Factory's 2022 School-enterprise Cooperation Tour Is Hanoi University of Business and Technology

In order to implement the planning task of school-enterprise cooperation in 2022, the Vietnamese Factory visited and exchanged with Hai Phong University, Hanoi University of Industry, Hanoi University of Business and Technology and Vietnam Maritime University successively, and decided to carry out comprehensive cooperation with these four key universities in various fields.

In the current era of Industrial Revolution 4.0, cooperation and relationship between schools and enterprises is regarded as one of the goals of Vietnam's knowledge economy, which can not only promote the connection between teaching and training and labor market, create sustainable employment opportunities, but also help to cultivate a team of skilled and high-quality talents to meet the needs of enterprises and markets under the background of globalization. During the visit meeting, the two sides put forward suggestions and agreed to formulate specific cooperation implementation plans, with a view to expanding and strengthening the long-term, comprehensive and sustainable multi-field cooperation between the two sides in the near future.
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