T&W (South China) Held the 11th Newcomer Going Ballistic Activity

On December 3, T&W (South China) went to Huizhou to hold the 11th 50-kilometer newcomer going ballistic, and 331 newcomers from Shenzhen participated in the activity.

At 6 o’clock in the morning, the wind was piercingly cold. After the warm-up, the T&W warriors marched forward bravely and started a day's challenge. They passed through the seaside plank roads, towns and villages, and left footprints of T&W people from Daya Bay to Huidong. Everyone chased after each other, and those with poor physical strength went hand in hand and helped each other.

At the summary and commendation meeting, Shen Kai, General Manager of the Human Resources Administration Center, summarized the activity. This time, a total of 259 contestants completed the whole challenge, and the rest reached the passing line. On-site leaders presented awards to the top ten men and women and the top three teams in the group. Liu Bing, Yang Zhiping, Ma Huicheng and Tang Xinbo in the men's team, Ouyang Haiyan and Huang Xiali in the women's team all refreshed their best achievements in previous years and won the special award of general manager.

Long Xiaojing, Deputy General Manager of the company, summed up the activity and pointed out that in the enterprise, everyone has to rely on the team to succeed, our company is formed by each individual, and only by working together with the team can we make T&W break through the waves. As long as we set our own goals for everything we do, we can achieve it through hard work. Going ballistic is a kind of sports spirit, and everyone who has participated in going ballistic needs to thank themselves and the people around them. At the meeting, Long Xiaojing announced the slogan of 2023: Five years of grand plan and three years of decisive victory. She hopes that everyone will apply their determination, perseverance and courage of going ballistic to their work to help the Company develop, and believes that they will win the five-year plan in 2025.
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