Shenzhen Gongjin Won the Title of “Green Supply Chain Management Enterprise”

Recently, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the list of green manufacturing for 2022, and Shenzhen Gongjin Electronics won the title of “Green Supply Chain Management Enterprise”. It is another green title at national level obtained by our company following the titles of “Green Manufacturing” at national level and “Green Product Design Demonstration Enterprise” granted by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The list of green manufacturing for 2022, which includes four items, i.e. green factory, green design product, green industrial park and green supply chain management enterprise respectively, is decided after being recommended by competent departments of industry and information technology at provincial level and reviewed by experts. This winning is an affirmation of the green manufacturing power of Shenzhen Gongjin. In the future, the company will further deepen the construction of its green supply chain system and technical research, development and application, and contribute enterprise strength to the promotion of the sustainable development of society.
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