Taicang T&W Carried out the 2023 Planting Day Activity Themed with “I Add New Green for Gongjin”

In the spring of March, the grasses are tall and the nightingales are in the air, and everything looks fresh and happy. On March 16th, the Administration Department of Taicang T&W, together with Party Branch of Taicang T&W, launched the 2023 planting day activity themed with “I add new green for Gongjin” in Gongjin Technology Building. Chairman Wang Dawei of the company, General Manager Hu Zumin of Gongjin Electronics, Consultant Wang Hui of the company, and Party Branch Secretary Wang Liangjie of Taicang T&W led more than 40 people including 30 Party members, representatives of orange newcomers and members of Taicang infrastructure team to participate in the planting activity.
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