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First commercial 10 Gigabit BE19000 Wi-Fi 7 router On October 18th, T&W officially launched the first commercial 10 Gigabit BE19000 Wi-Fi 7 router at the Broadband World Forum held in the Netherlands.
The BE19000 Wi-Fi 7 router, unveiled in this release, has been developed by the research and development team of T&W. This cutting-edge product features Broadcom's first commercially available Wi-Fi 7 series chips, the BCM6726 and BCM67263. Equipped with a 2 ten Gigabit Ethernet ports and three 2.5G Ethernet ports, this router offers remarkable advancements over its Wi-Fi 6 counterparts. With the seventh-generation Wi-Fi technology, it achieves wireless speeds of up to 30 Gbps per second, surpassing the maximum rate of 9.6 Gbps of Wi-Fi 6 by a factor of two. The BE19000 Wi-Fi 7 router also supports tri-band operation, allowing seamless connectivity across the 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz frequency bands. This expanded frequency coverage provides greater communication bandwidth, resulting in enhanced data rates. Moreover, it boosts the single-channel bandwidth from 160 MHz to an impressive 320 MHz. Additionally, Wi-Fi 7 brings optimized multi-AP support, enabling simultaneous integration of multiple access points, thereby enhancing wireless network coverage capabilities.
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