• Introduction
  • Specification
The XGSPON ONT SFP+ which is completely compliant to SFP+ MSA structure, providing customers a great convenience to update the uplink port of their devices from the legacy Ethernet to up-to-date high bandwidth XGSPON. 
• XGSPON ONU in SFP MSA structure 
• 9.9532Gbps uplink / 9.9532Gbps downlink 
• Single fiber bi-directional receptacle, support SC/APC 
• 1270nm burst mode DFB transmitter / 1577nm continuous mode APD receiver 
• Built in digital diagnostics functions (SFF-8472) 
• Support 10GBASE-KR or 1000BASE-X mode on golden finger 
• One single 3.3V power supply. 
• Support receiving Dying Gasp interrupt from Host, & reporting to OLT 
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