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With the development of the economy, the enterprise gradually becomes the social economic subject and becomes the creator of social wealth. In addition to obtaining economic benefits, the enterprise shall further achieve higher object of: promoting corporate development and staff development and promoting sustainable development of social and environmental protection. T&W actively fulfills its social responsibilities while developing at a high speed, with SA8000 (International Standards for Social Responsibility) built in 2007, and focuses on RBA (Electronic Industry Code of Conduct) and BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) to comprehensively integrate CSR corporate social responsibility into the corporate operation and culture of the company, and corporate social responsibility has become an important part of the corporate culture of the company. 
The company promises to adhere to the concept of sustainable development and continuously improve and promote various measures of the company's sustainable development. The company uses the concept of “sustainable development” to train the executive level, and continuously systemize the management concept of “sustainable development”. In general, the company's strategy is to use the framework and principle of sustainable development to enhance the competitive advantage. 
The company establishes the Sustainable Development Committee to formulate company policy from a sustainable development perspective and set KPI index and improvement index for sustainable development, and manages and improves the targets through internal resource integration and distribution; and the sustainable development project progress of the company is communicated through  regular meetings, the sustainable development work performance of the company is discussed, and recommendations are put forward to the board of directors through brainstorming.  

The company's achievements in corporate social responsibility: 
1. The company wins the silver medal of BTSF (Better Future Supplier Forum) project; 
2. The company obtains “confirmed” assessment of Ecovadis; 
3. The company obtains “C” level assessment in CDP questionnaire.
CSR Prospect and Strategy
Prospect: keep a foothold on long-term development, persist in innovative product, service global market; protect environment, and perform social responsibility. 
Strategy: develop enterprise soundly, train and care staffs, implement green manufacturing, and feed back to society actively. 
Develop enterprise soundly: moral operation and initial development; international connection, and guarantee of long-term development of enterprise; 
Train and care staffs: protect and increase the human rights, occupation health, safety and welfare of staffs, and achieve the individual growth plan of staffs based on the enterprise development; 
Implement green manufacturing: lean production, energy conservation and emission reduction, and quality first; intimate cooperation with quality first of industry chain, and achievement of environmental protection and green manufacturing; 
Feed back to the society actively: reward society and customer, pay taxes according to the laws, take part in social activities for public good actively, make effort to make contribution to education of western region, and pay continuous care to poor students. 
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